About me

 * All rants reserved | Jakub Czeczótka
 * This is my personal blog where I write about technologies 
 * I'm involved in, as well as my hobbies. 
 * I am a Software Developer by trade and I have worked with 
 * Java and Scala related technologies for over a decade 
 * specialising in writing and maintaining web applications.
 * I have worked as a Lead Developer as well as a Team and 
 * Technical Leader in Agile, cross-functional development 
 * teams.
 * I crossed over from Java to Scala and I am re-discovering
 * the joy of computer programming.
 * In software development I am an advocate of simplicity 
 * and a pragmatic approach.
 * @link http://blog.czeczotka.com/
 * @link http://github.com/czeczotka
 * @link http://www.linkedin.com/in/jakubczeczotka
 * @link http://www.flickr.com/photos/jakub-czeczotka/
object JakubCzeczótka extends Geek with SoftwareDeveloper {

     *   Implementation details omitted for clarity


One thought on “About me

  1. Very cool your article on Writing Cucumber JVM step definitions. I’m looking for an answer on the reuse of previously created steps. I know that with ruby, I can do this. But in Java I did not find this information. Can you help me?

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