About me

 * All rants reserved | Jakub Czeczótka
 * This is my personal blog where I write about technologies 
 * I'm involved in, as well as my hobbies. 
 * I am a Software Developer by trade and I have worked with 
 * Java and Scala related technologies for over a decade 
 * specialising in writing and maintaining web applications.
 * I have worked as a Lead Developer as well as a Team and 
 * Technical Leader in Agile, cross-functional development 
 * teams.
 * I crossed over from Java to Scala and I am re-discovering
 * the joy of computer programming.
 * In software development I am an advocate of simplicity 
 * and a pragmatic approach.
 * @link http://blog.czeczotka.com/
 * @link http://github.com/czeczotka
 * @link http://www.linkedin.com/in/jakubczeczotka
 * @link http://www.flickr.com/photos/jakub-czeczotka/
object JakubCzeczótka extends Geek with SoftwareDeveloper {

     *   Implementation details omitted for clarity


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